Little Devon Chairs

Quality Hand-Made Traditional Personalised Children's Furniture



When it comes to choosing your 'Little Devon' product, you can be sure of  the quality of materials and workmanship that goes into making each and every individual piece of furniture.

Lovingly hand crafted using traditional mortice and tenon or wood dowel joinery methods, to ensure a sturdy and robust long lasting frame.

The timber we use is selected, cut and worked by hand and chosen for its strength and visual appeal; the lines, knots and detail going towards the aesthetic appearance of each piece.

Your product is hand painted with up to 5 layers of child friendly wipeable paint, enhancing and preserving its sturdy frame. Choose your colour from our wonderful range of Natural Colour Paints; Eco-friendly and all virtually VOC free, safe for both your children and the environment.

  For our upholstered products, once the wooden structure is complete, work begins on the seat itself. The care and attention we give to each and every one will ensure your little ones comfort and enjoyment for many years to come. We use webbing or board for the base, foam sheet covered in wadding, then a Fire retardent liner for safety. Your chosen fabric is then added  and scotchguarded resulting in a seamless comfortable bouncy seat.

The final touch is to have the name of your loved one carefully painted onto the back rest of the chair or painted wood letters fixed to the side of the toy box. Then choose which silhouette, or chalk Board, you want added to the sides.

Here at Little Devon Chairs it's not only our aim to make great looking individual hand-made products but also and more importantly fun furniture that children will enjoy playing with and sitting on for many years to come, perhaps even for one day when they have children of

their own.

We hope you enjoy your 'Little Devon' product and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Paul and Lucy

The creators of 'Little Devon Chairs' Furniture.