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Personalised Toy Boxes

Toy Box Stool

Stool - H42 W40 D40cm

Upholstered Toy Bench, Chest & Trunk

Upholstered Toy Bench H40 W60 D31cm

Upholstered Toy Chest H40 W60 D40cm

Upholstered Trunk H45 W80 D45cm

Hinge Lid Toy Bench & Toy Chest

Hinged Lid Toy Stool H42xW40xD40cm

Hinge Lid Toy Bench H42 W60 D31cm

Hinge Lid Toy Chest H42 W58 D40cm

Toy Boxes, Benches, Chests & Trunks

Once you have decided whether you want a Toy Box, Bench, Chest or Trunk all based around a hand made solid pine frame, simply choose the fabric you would like the seat upholstered in. Then decorate it in one of our vibrant colours

Then add a name to the front and silhouette or chalk board  to the sides to create the ultimate fun and practical personalised children's storage furniture. ( please email us for a price if you would like additional names)

Toy Box Stool

Toy Box Stool

Our Toy Box stool comes with a hand painted wood frame, name and removable upholstered seat.

Choose your colour, fabric & personalise your Toy box with silhouettes and/ or chalk boards.

(wooden letter option - size may change depending

on the name length in order to fit)

Stool - H42xW40xD40cm

from £100.00 + (p&p £10.00)

For all enquiries please email -

The Upholstered Toy Bench, Toy Chest & Trunk

With a removable cushioned seat,upholstered in the fabric of your choice, these sturdy hand mad Toy Boxes are fun, comfy and offer ample storage.


Choose your favourite colour & add a name to the front, either hand painted or raised painted letters. Then decide on silhouettes or chalk boards to each end or leave it plain. see lots of examples in our Gallery

Text size/ font may vary dependant on length of name/ fit.

Upholstered Toy Bench H40xW60xD30cm

£100.00  + (p&p £10.00)

Upholstered Toy Chest H40xW60xD40cm 

£130.00 + (p&p £10.00)

Upholstered Trunk H45xW80xD45cm

£190.00 + (p&p £10.00)

For all enquiries please email -

The Hinged Lid Toy Bench & Toy Chest

The Hinged Lid Toy Bench & Toy Chest both come with a beautiful varnished or painted 'soft close' solid wood hinged top. These Practical Hand Made pieces of furniture, with a personalised panel, silhouette or chalkboard are great fun, offering ample storage and an extra seat.

Simply choose a colour & add a name to the front (hand painted or raised painted letters), silhouette, Chalkboards or leave it blank. Email us any questions or if you would like costs for an additional name on the reverse

Hinge Lid Toy Stool H42xW40xD40cm

£110.00  + (p&p £10.00)

Hinge Lid Toy Bench H42xW59xD30cm

£110.00  + (p&p £10.00)

Hinge Lid Toy Chest H42xW59xD40cm

£140.00  + (p&p £10.00)

For all enquiries please email -